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Monday, March 14, 2011

Helping the dogs of KY get out alive via PAID transport -

Hope everyone will "Chip-in" for this cause. As we all saw, Julia's tires are to sick to drive -- so she has to have a paid transporter to move the dogs in KY to safety. We can't let these dogs die because the van needs tires & other mechanical problems. No donation is too small -- "Chip-In" link below:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update on Todd From West Virgina

"Dear Marleen --  Todd was presented to Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital on 1/30/2011 for injuries sustained while being caught in a steel leg hold trap. 
Todd’s right rear leg was nonsalvageable and had to be amputated. Efforts were made to save Todd's left front foot, but on 2/10/11 his toes had to be amputated. Since then Todd has been sedated twice to debride his front foot. His bandages are changed daily and he receives antibiotics and medication for pain. 
Todd is a wonderful dog. His spirits have always been high and he never complains. He should be nearly healed in 2 weeks.  Todd E. Shockey D.V.M" Parkersburg Vet Hospital His bill with Rosy Cozart's discount comes to approximately $2225.00
Todd will be flown in by a private pilot Kay Cross around March 9th 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

11 Lives Saved, Plus Unborn Puppies this weekend - 1-29-11

Hi everyone, very busy weekend in rescue but we had exceptionally excellent results. Rhonda in NC sent out an urgent message about a little pregnant female that was supposed to die Tuesday in a GASSING shelter and Sandra who sends us all endless pleas all day -- every day, for desperate animals across the country included me in the plea -- b/c of that Diamond & her pups-to-be are on their way to DE!
Thanks to Rhonda's contacts for the very first time in my 12 years of experience she is being flown by Kay Cross into ---OMG -- directly the New Castle Airport Thursday weather permitting - which is literally 5 minutes from my home!! Never had anything like that happen before!
Then another miracle, I contacted Cathy from Square Dog Ranch & she agreed to provide a foster home for her to give birth and care for her new kids. Cathy owns a wonderful boarding facility that we have used often. Diamond will have peace and quiet and a large area to raise her kids. When they're 6 weeks old my friend Dianne Hess from DE Puppy Rescue has agreed to take the babies and Diamond will then come to be fostered by LNF.
Then we got another e-mail about the Golden/Lab family shown here. Mom & Dad and (8) - 5 week old pups who were owner surrendered into a killshelter in NC. Owner surrendered are almost always euth'd no matter what -- due to lack of space -- people jumped in and scrambled and NOW they're also on their way to DE.
Not confirmed yet, have to wait until Monday, but hoping they will all go to another No Kill Shelter. If they do not have room <sigh> then Dianne is going to take the Mom & pups and we'll be taking the male. Not my first choice but we had to commit to this to save their lives. Thankfully, this weekend they're all being transported together by one person so the pups will not have to get possibly sick from being transported with lots of animals -- 
This all came together due to a whole group of people who have never met --all working behind the scenes day in day out -- Sadly there are not enough of these Happy Tails within our world -- but this is truly what I call "A GREAT DAY IN RESCUE!"   So -- how was your weekend?? Marleen

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"We want to thank Lost and Found Dog Rescue for their generosity! "

From Sweet Bark Pit Bull Rescue

" We want to thank Lost and Found Dog Rescue for their generosity!

We want to express our gratitude to Lost and Found Dog Rescue ( ) for their support and generosity in sponsoring Pogo's veterinary care/neuter through the "De-Sex in the City" low cost spay/neuter program.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Pogo, he's the Berwick Pit Bull that was outside in the freezing cold a few weeks ago. We were able to get him out of the cold and thanks to Lost and Found Dog rescue fully vetted. He's such a sweet boy! Loves everyone and gets along great with other dogs! He needs to work on basic manners, but he's an amazing dog especially considering he spent the beginning of his life tied to a truck. The poor guy was so confused the first time he was inside a house, but quickly got used to warm and comfy indoor living! 

We're happy to report that he's been adopted and is such a happy boy who now has a fursister, LuLu, and we hear he snores a lot!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our beautiful Senior Angel - rescued from a hoarder, 17 dogs, 42 cats!

Prognosis from Dr Brad Gray, Brandywine Vet Hospital, Chadds Ford PA - Angel - Both knees have advanced DJD with patellar involvement. The hips are of good quality. Both carpi are severely arthritic. There is severe carpus valgus as well. 

Angel's orthopedic examination and radiographs reveal multiple issues. Her front limbs each have carpus valgus which is an abnormal positioning of her distal forelimbs. This is an aged problem that could have been from lack of exercise, poor nutrition, trauma and/or genetic predisposition. There is severe arthritis in her carpi. This could be surgically repaired through carpal fusion. This would permanently place her "wrists" in a proper walking position but they would not bend.

Her hind limbs are showing evidence of bilateral ACL tears with patellar arthritis. Due to the chronicity of these injuries and the amount of degenerative changes, surgery would not benefit Angel.
She has multiple injuries that are aged in nature. surgeries can be performed but I would like to manage her medically with Adequan, Dasuquin & J/D food. Another option that could be taken advantage of would be Stem Cell Therapy. This has been effective in managing some patients pain but is rather pricey, approximately $3000

Conall - The True Founder of LNF Dog Rescue's "De-Sex in the City"

This is our Conall, rescued 4 years ago from South Carolina.  When I saw this picture for the first time, I gasped & sat back in my chair and said to myself  "We've GOT to do more to keep them from being born to end up like this!"  LNF Dog Rescue Adoption Center's "De-Sex in the City" was born at that moment! To date we have provided over 200 Low cost/No cost spay/neuters for dogs & cats for animals.

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter, the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. "God," I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?" God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly. "I have done something, He replied. I created you." - The Animals' Savior Copyright-Jim Willis 1999 -

Joseph's Medical Story

When Joseph was about 2 1/2 months old in KY, the 2 other family dogs literally tore him apart. I envisioned that they thought he was a toy and each had a leg in their mouth. They fractured his pelvis at that time. The incredible part is -- then the *people* - wish I could use another term for them -- allowed him to stay that way with no medical treatment for a month. The only reason he is alive now is a neighbor heard about it and demanded that they give him to her. She contacted a rescue in KY that we work with & Susan told her to take him to her vet who had to amputate his left leg. Susan sent out an URGENT e-mail explaining his story to all the rescues she works with.
From previous experience of working with "broken dogs" I knew that he would need extensive PT and since our Vet, Dr Brad Gray specialized in this, I knew he needed to be with LNF Dog Rescue.  I also knew his treatment would be expensive but thankfully we had an extremely wonderful end-of-year donations that had been doubled by our long time sponsors Arlene & Ed Loveland so I felt we could take on the treatment for an extra special case like Joseph.
Joseph's Medical Story --
AP and lateral views reveal an aged pelvic fracture and a right coxofemoral luxation.The right hip joint was explored revealing a complete lack of an acetabular ligament. The toggle procedure was completed which should give more stability to this joint.
1-20-11 - Joseph had a surgery to correct the right hip subluxations. This "toggle" procedure replaced the acetabular ligament that had been previously ruptured. His injuries are aged as well. He will be sore from this procedure and need help walking until he heals a bit. We are trying to correct the abnormal way that he carries his right hind leg under his body since the amputation of his left hind limb. He is an excellent candidate for rehabilitation as we have to retreach him how to use the leg properly. We should start the rehabilitation in 7 days and he should have at least two sessions weekly.
1-24-11 - Sadly Joseph's incision became infected which has required being hospitalized so he can have IV fluids and antibiotics. We are hoping that a five day course will help him get well so he can come back home to be with his foster family. He is improving day by day but his foster Mom misses having his sweet spirit where she can see him at all times.